About Us

The New Anglia Social Investment Partnership is a group of Suffolk and Norfolk organisations who share the common goal of supporting social enterprises to grow and thrive by accessing appropriate social finance to increase their impact in the community.

NASIP will have a transformative effect across the geographical area. Our vision is to build a sustainable environment for social enterprises*.

The partnership is VCSE sector led (Community Action Suffolk and Voluntary Norfolk).

The New Anglia Social Investment Partnership is governed by a non-Exec Directors Board who feed into the Partnership Board. The Partnership Board are responsible for coordinating support, contributing to work plans & activity schedules, and monitoring performance.

Partnership Board

Community Action Suffolk

Voluntary Norfolk

Norfolk County Council

Suffolk County Council

Orbit Housing



Community Action Suffolk

Community Action Suffolk are delighted to be leading NASIP with Voluntary Norfolk. The importance of raising common goal of supporting the VCSE sector to grow and thrive by accessing appropriate social finance to increase their social impact in their communities.  The Partnership pools our collective resources, skills and strengthens from multiple sectors by bringing together the commitment, assets and expertise to tackle tough challenges more effectively.

Andrew Cuthbertson
Communities and VCSE Lead,
Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council is pleased to be part of the New Anglia Social Investment Partnership, working with partners across the two counties to

combine knowledge and expertise in order to support the VCSE with information, advice and Guidance on how best to implement Social investment into their development plans.

Suffolk County Council has a track record of working with organisations to unlock social investment to grow community enterprises, and it is hoped that this partnership will enable more organisations to benefit from the opportunities presented.

Lucy Hogg
Head of Voluntary Sector Infrastructure, Voluntary Norfolk

Voluntary Norfolk has been interested in social investment and now seems to be the right time to look at the potential of these methods financing for the VCSE sector across Norfolk and Suffolk. With

funding likely to be squeezed in the near future, we need to look at better ways of resourcing community-based initiatives, methods that will enable innovation and sustainability.  It is more

important now than ever to collaborate to address some of the challenges communities face.

Fiona Butcher

Place Making and Partnership Manager –

Orbit Housing

We are really pleased to be involved in the New Anglia Social Investment Partnership and

excited to see the vision that has been set for the next 12 months and beyond. Over the past few years, Orbit has been imbedding itself within the Social Investment space, working with Social Enterprises across Norfolk and Suffolk after establishing the Community Impact Partnership in 2018. This Housing Association led partnership was set up to provide accessible finance to the sector. The NASIP partnership will work to build on this by providing support and resources to expand social investment, supply chain opportunities and the growth of Social Enterprise across the region.

Natasha Morter

Head of Communities,

Norfolk County Council

Non Exec

Suffolk Community Foundation

Norfolk Community Foundation


Michael Attwood

Head of Partnerships,

Suffolk Community Foundation

Fran Bedding
Head of Partnerships & External Relations, Community Action Suffolk (chair)

Fran is an experienced and flexible project and programme professional with a demonstrated

history of working in local government, the wider public sector and the voluntary and community sector. Skilled in partnership development, external funding, social enterprise and investment, business development, programme management particularly finance and appraisal, and bid writing. Strong financial skills.

Joanne Dale
Head of Finance and Operations,
Norfolk Community Foundation

Joanne has worked in the charity and non-profit sector for over 20 years.  Her current

position as Head of Finance and Operations at Norfolk Community Foundation has enabled her to gain an understanding of social investment.  Motivated by a passion to see social change and positive impact, particularly for those who are most in need in our local communities, believes innovation, collaboration and alternative funding streams are part of the solution for the VCSE sector to grow and become sustainable.

Paul Henry

External Funding Specialist,

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council’s (SCC’s) involvement in NASIP is part of their commitment to

supporting a robust and sustainable VCSE sector in Suffolk. As part of SCC’s External Funding team, Paul provides advice and support to VCSE organisations on grant funding, and increasingly, social finance.

Rik Martin
Acting CEO
Community Action Norfolk

CAN recognises the value of providing the best support possible. Increasingly organisations are looking for more options when it comes to funding their activities and it is important they we are able to provide information on all

solutions available. This will mean encouraging groups to fully

understand the benefits and opportunities that Social Investment can provide and equally to ensure that providers of such financing understand the needs and aspirations of groups seeking funding.

Graham Phillips
Policy & Projects Officer,
Norfolk County Council

Emma Taylor

Funding Manager,

New Anglia LEP

Emma leads on the identification of new funding opportunities for the LEP, acting as a

resource for the LEP and local partners in identifying and securing external funding. She is delighted to support the regional focus and ambition of NASIP.

Rebecca White
Your Own Place

Rebecca White is the CEO and Founder of Your

Own Place CIC. As a qualified secondary school teacher with years of experience working with people from all backgrounds as well as commissioners, politicians, business people and leaders, Rebecca exemplifies the successful combination of operational, strategic and business experience. What really

drives Rebecca is social inequality. By the roll of a dice a person’s life chances are dramatically altered. Homelessness is just one manifestation of this and until people have equality of opportunity Rebecca will work

tirelessly to champion people facing disadvantage not of their own making. Rebecca believes that social enterprise provides a more sustainable, less philanthropic and more empowering business model that translates into the way people and communities work together as equals. This is why Rebecca volunteers with NASIP - to progress the social enterprise agenda and make a difference in a place she cares deeply about.